Tech in the UK – The Key Trends to Look Out For

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Monday 15 Nov / 11:20 - 11:25 GMT

Tech in the UK - The Key Trends to Look Out For

As we live through a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, UK tech is at the forefront of exploring some of the biggest questions we’re facing as a society, and providing solutions. Roland Emmans, Head of Technology at HSBC, will be highlighting the key trends in the UK tech ecosystem over the past 2 years, the key factors driving engagement and investment in the UK tech ecosystem, and the role corporates and other institutions have to play across the UK ecosystem to support innovative founders.

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UK Together - Collaboration to Reach New Heights

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the past year, the UK tech sector has shown remarkable resilience and growth. Join us as we celebrate and highlight achievements in UK tech and explore how the ecosystem can play a part in our recovery from the pandemic and beyond. Discussions will also focus on how innovation, collaboration, and community play a key role in the continued growth and success of UK tech, as well as in supporting the next generation of start-ups to thrive.

In the morning, we invite you to take part in a series of virtual events, culminating in a variety of fringe events (virtual or in-person) taking place across the UK in the afternoon/ evening, celebrating all things UK tech and entrepreneurship.