Harnessing Technology to Democratise Access to Healthcare

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Tuesday 16 Nov / 17:25 - 17:50 GMT

Harnessing Technology to Democratise Access to Healthcare

While technology and science have always played a key part in building the health and care structures we have in society today, access to and use of healthcare services haven’t changed much – until recently. The COVID pandemic not only accelerated the use of digital health and care solutions, but also increased people’s awareness of and interest in their health and wellbeing. Today, traditional healthcare is facing huge backlogs and queues due to the pandemic, giving technology the opportunity to revolutionise how we can access healthcare and look after ourselves.

However, many consumers globally are still lacking education on their health conditions and/or have trouble accessing health and wellbeing services. For many, healthcare is still too expensive or inaccessible, resulting in health inequality. With so many people facing limited access to consultations and difficulty receiving affordable treatments, subscriptions and various other health care products, brands such as Hims & Hers are taking concrete action to disrupt the healthcare system and make it more customer centric. They are now looking to scale their impact and drive change in international markets through partnering with and acquiring local brands such as Honest Health, laying the foundation for future expansion into the UK and Europe.

This session will be a pivotal discussion around the democratisation of access to healthcare, empowerment through health & wellbeing and acquisition as a powerful tool in both delivering successful health outcomes and scaling a business internationally.

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