Entering the US Market – Differences Between the UK & US Scaling Landscape (Closed Event)

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Wednesday 17 Nov / 10:30 - 10:50 GMT

Entering the US Market - Differences Between the UK & US Scaling Landscape

For many high-growth UK/European scale ups, U.S. expansion and fundraising are important steps in their journey. The U.S. offers the promise of a massive market and plenty of opportunities, but doing business and raising money in an unfamiliar, highly competitive environment requires thoughtful advance planning and clinical execution. Scaling in the North American market often also comes with completely different growth expectations and its own set of challenges.

Our expert speakers will discuss the strategy needed to scale your business from the UK to the US, fundraise stateside, and grow your business in the US market. This panel will help companies considering US expansion and fundraising to understand the differences between the UK and US scaling landscape, what scaling means in the US compared to the UK, differences in raising investment, and key considerations for expanding to the US.

Physical Event - Closed Event



CEO Summit

While scale ups in the UK have displayed incredible resilience in the face of the pandemic, for most businesses, operations faced massive changes; from home working, to travel bans, disrupted supply chains and more. While this forced shift in ways of working has brought both challenges and innovative solutions, scaling businesses continue to navigate the return to a “future normal”.

The CEO Summit is open to the 2021 Scale Up Club bringing together Founders and CEOs of some of the fastest growing UK scale ups, to discuss their growth challenges, successes, and expansion plans with each other and esteemed thought leaders and mentors.