Entering the Metaverse: The Next Engagement Frontier

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Thursday 18 Nov / 9:15 - 9:40 GMT

Entering the Metaverse: The Next Engagement Frontier

The next iteration of the internet is starting to emerge, in it a new world is possible – Enter the metaverse. The metaverse is used to describe an emerging shared digital space that can be navigated without corporate interference. As it evolves, the metaverse will reshape how we think of the internet by emphasizing collective ownership, community support, and a decentralized economy—and by giving rise to a wide range of new digital-native assets, spaces, and experiences. As this new space is coming into focus, attendees will gain an insight into its rules, precedents, and how they can contribute to building the metaverse together.

Virtual Event



Global Gamechangers - Back to the Future

The final day of the Summit features disruptors from across the world who are leading the way in tech and entrepreneurship. Join us as we explore the game-changing technologies of the future, the people who are challenging the status quo, the long-term industry trends and challenges, and how tech will continue to change our world.

This virtual event will take you on a journey around the world, featuring global tech community leaders from Asia in the morning, through Europe and westbound across North America in the afternoon, culminating in the latest trends, developments, and leadership from Silicon Valley.