Empowering Your Executive Team to Realise Your International Vision (Closed Event)

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Wednesday 17 Nov / 11:20 - 11:45 GMT

Empowering Your Executive Team to Realise Your International Vision

With rapid scaling comes many exciting opportunities, but a challenge founders often face is teams grow at such a fast rate, that it becomes difficult to directly influence every single decision that impacts the company. Add in international expansion, and it is even more challenging to single-handedly manage the delivery of the company mission and vision. This is where the executive team comes in, fully empowered employees make good decisions and resolve problems.

This session will explore how founders can work together with and empower their executive team to realise their international vision and plan for global growth. Ruma Bose, Chief Growth Officer at Clearco, will share her experience of realising the international vision for Clearco, working together with the founder to ensure the vision is met, and the learnings from rapidly scaling a business.

Physical Event - Closed Event



CEO Summit

While scale ups in the UK have displayed incredible resilience in the face of the pandemic, for most businesses, operations faced massive changes; from home working, to travel bans, disrupted supply chains and more. While this forced shift in ways of working has brought both challenges and innovative solutions, scaling businesses continue to navigate the return to a “future normal”.

The CEO Summit is open to the 2021 Scale Up Club bringing together Founders and CEOs of some of the fastest growing UK scale ups, to discuss their growth challenges, successes, and expansion plans with each other and esteemed thought leaders and mentors.