Developing Resilience & Mental Health – Key Ingredients for Success

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Tuesday 16 Nov / 17:00 - 17:20 GMT

Developing Resilience & Mental Health – Key Ingredients for Success

Today’s leaders work in a high-pressure global climate. To be successful and stay ahead of the game, they must respond intelligently to an ever-increasing number of complex priorities, manage a growing amount of information, and develop both as a leader and as a person. That’s a tall order. It is no surprise many leaders are facing burnout, stress-induced illnesses, and spending more time at work and less time with their loved ones.

Resilience is an individual competency and leaders who are resilient have some unique traits. They see failures only as temporary setbacks from which they can recover quickly. During periods of instability, they maintain a positive attitude and a positive outlook with a strong sense of opportunity. And when faced with uncertainty, they find ways to move forward and avoid getting stuck. This session will explore why good mental health and resilience are so important for success and how to adopt best practices for mental wellbeing.

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The Good Growth Summit continues the conversation around the role entrepreneurs and the tech ecosystem play in building a better future. Our world is facing a reckoning, with the repercussions of climate change hitting us faster than estimated, the continued battle for a more equal and diverse society facing resistance and pandemic uncertainty resulting in a mental health crisis. “Good Growth” is at the foundation of responding to these challenges.

The Good Growth Summit features founders, businesses, investors, and thought leaders who through their work not only contribute to sustainable growth but have purpose and social impact at the heart of their business. This year, the Summit will take place in-person in London.